Fundahson Prevenshon | Glaucoom screening

Glaucoma screening program

Prevention is our mission

Glaucoma is the third most common
medical disease 
in CuraƧao 

Vision of the future

Blindness is the most feared outcome of glaucoma. Ethnicity, gender and age are risk factors associated with open-angle glaucoma.

Glaucoma is called " silent thief of sight" because the person generally feels nothing, and symptoms occur when the disease is at an advanced stage.  Early detection and treatment minimize the risk of visual impairment. Family members of a glaucoma patient are eligible to undergo the screening with no minimum age. If the measured pressure is higher than the maximum pressure of 21mmHg, the family member is referred to an ophtalmologist for further examination and treatment. A database will be kept of all data, including gender, ethnicity, family history of glaucoma and the photo recordings of the fundus.

Conversations with local ophthalmologists are ongoing to develop screening guidelines. 

We aim to be adding this program to our portfolio in 2021.