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Our friends

We have been able to reach our goals and objectives in large part thanks to the partnership and collaborative support and commitment from the Government, our Board Members, Professional Staff, Donors and Volunteers. 

Thank you for your continuously support!

The world is hugged by faithful arms of volunteers

Terri Guillemets

The driving forces 

behind the first hours

The late Mr. Lionel Capriles


Professor H.M. Pinedo

Founder and President of the Board

Mr. Bernard van Liemt

Project Manager

Dr. Carmen Coronel

Project Manager and General Director

Dr. Victor Maduro

Radiologist and Advisor to the Board

Government Funding

Fundashon Prevenshon is dependent on Government funding to continue the current screening programs. We are grateful to the Government for allowing the Community of Curaçao to benefit from the existing prevention programs. 

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We have moved

 In june 2019, after a thorough renovation of the building, we have moved to our new full-fledged screening center at Molenplein in Otrobanda. 

Scientific research funding

by Mr. and Mrs. Kramer Lems (Netherlands) and ORCO bank, among others

Desiree Hooi, MD

carried out the scientific research into cervical cancer at the VUmc in Amsterdam and is the first Ph.D graduate at Fundashon Prevenshon. Professor Pinedo, President of the Board, offered Mr. and Mrs. Kramer Lems his heartfelt gratitude for their financial contibutions during a dinner in Curacao. 

Desiree successfully defended her thesis on October 23rd 2018 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the presence of her family, friends and colleagues. Fundashon Prevenshon is proud and thankful to Desiree Hooi for her perseverence during her research and her contribution to the community of Curaçao.  

Rotary Grant

by 2 local Rotary Clubs

Rotary Club Curaçao, later also joined by Rotary Club Willemstad, offered Fundashon Prevenshon a financial donation through a Global Grant Project, for a new 3D digital mammograph, also known as Breast Tomosynthesis. Rotary International ensured the donation request of the Curaçao Rotary Clubs be included in the International Global Grant Applications of 2016. Rotary Club Curaçao and Rotary Club Willemstad have approached many international Rotary Clubs, as well  as companies and individuals, willing to contribute to the successful completion of the project. 

Additionally, the Rotary Club of Willemsted is committed to increase awareness of the benefits of breast cancer screening and the participation of target groups. Therefore, a 10 month Awareness Campaign is kicking off in October 2020. 

3D Mammograph

Special Thanks

 Professor Olguita Rojer &
Mr. Carlos Tramm (Tramm Imaging)

Curaçao should be applauded for obtaining the 3D mammograph. It is currently the most advanced medical equipment, with improved accuracy in breast cancer detection, in which relatively small breast tumors can be detected at an early stage. The purchase of the 3D mammograph guarantees the continuity and sustainability of Breast Cancer Screening in Curaçao. 

On behalf of the Woman of Curaçao, we offer a sincere Thank You to every single Donor for their contribution towards the purchase of the 3D mammograph.

We would like to thank Banko di Boluntario Korsou, particularly Ms. Liliana Rivera from Unidat di Bario, and her team of volunteers for helping us during our events. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Jacob Foundation

In 2009, Fundashon Prevenshon was offered by the Jacob Foundation the building at Klipstraat 11 in Otrobanda.

The housing option was offered free of charge, for a period of 10 years.

Jacob Gelt Dekker passed away in september 2019.

Transport Bus

In 2010 a Transport Bus for the participants was donated. 


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Mr. L. Capriles

Founder of Fundashon Prevenshon

Click here for a video of Mr. Capriles regarding Fundashon Prevenshon