Fundahson Prevenshon | Our history

Our history

Fundashon Prevenshon is founded over 10 years ago, on December 23rd 2008, at the initiative of 
Professor Dr. H.M. Pinedo and late Mr. Lionel Capriles.  

Since its inception, Fundashon Prevenshon has partnered with the Government of Curaçao, and major local benefactors, businesses, and organizations to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Launch Bowel Cancer Screening Program

In June '20 we roll out a pilot program, where after we kick off the actual screening program on bowel cancer in September '20.  


Rotary Club Willemstad and Fundashon Prevenshon kick off an intensive Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, starting in October '20 and ending in
June '21.

  Rotary Club Willemstad

We have moved! From Klipstraat to Molenplein, Otrobanda. Fundashon Bon Intenshon offered the location free of cost for a period of 10 years


Coming soon: Annual Report 2019

Kòmbersá Salú Conference at WTC on May 29 & September 2nd


Installation of the 3D mammography as a gift of the Local and International Rotary organization    

Fundashon Prevenshon sets up four other locations where participants can take the screening test for Cervical Cancer


On October 7th, the University of Curaçao presented an Honorary Doctorate to Professor Dr. Pinedo for his Work in the Field of Cancer Treatment

Fundashon Prevenshon received Government funding for the first time


Start of the Cervical Cancer Screening Program in June


The Preventive Medicine Conference was organized to celebrate the start of the Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Professor Dr. Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Prize winner for the Discovery of the Human Papilloma Virus was the Keynote Speaker

Lecture by Professor Pinedo on the importance of Screening at the Parliamentary Session in Curaçao, emphasizing the continued existence of Fundashon Prevention was being threatened by a lack of subsidies


Dr. D. Hooi analyzed the Cervical Cancer Samples for the Scientific Research to determine hrHPV prevalence in the women of Curacao.
1000 hrHPV DNA Tests were completed

The US Organization ASCO granted the prestigious David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award to Professor Pinedo


The first audit of LRCB with positive results

Fundashon Prevenshon organized a mini-symposium "HPV in Preventive Health Care" 





The "Golden Sun Award" was granted to Fundashon Prevenshon for its community services by the local Radio Hoyer

The Fundashon acquired Membership to the Senologic International Society


The Board approved the Scientific Research on Cervical Cancer and, thereafter, the
Population-Based Screening for Cervical Cancer

A Transport Bus for the participants was donated


On May 24th is the official opening of the Screening center

Cooperation contract with the Information Technology Radventure (Netherlands) regarding the software for Breast Cancer (IBOB) and Cervical Care (CIS) management


Cooperation contract with the Dutch Expert Center for Screening (LRCB Netherlands) regarding quality assurance and also for the improvement of the Breast Cancer Population Screening Program

The building at Klipstraat 11, Otrobanda, was offered as a housing option by the Jacob Foundation, free of cost, for a period of 10 years


The permits of the exploitation of the Screening Center were obtained in accordance with the Health Care Institutions Regulation Law.

On December 23rd 2008, Fundashon Prevenshon was founded as a private foundation