Fundahson Prevenshon | Screening Program

Population screening

Fundashon Prevenshon is currently responsible for the organization and the execution of  
three population screening programs in Curacao.

Breast cancer
screening program


Cervical cancer screening program


Bowel cancer screening program


Population screening involves a test being offered to individuals in an eligible group, usually defined by age, as part of an organized program. The target group is scientifically proven to have the most risk and to receive the most health benefit from screening.

The World Health Organization recently stated in the published document of the Global non-communicable disease reduction action plan (2013-2020) that the prevention of cervical cancer through population-based cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination, and the prevention of breast cancer through population-based mammography screening linked with timely treatment are the most cost-effective interventions for prevention and control of these types of cancer.

With our current population programs, Fundashon Prevenshon puts Curacao ahead most Non-Latin Caribbean countries that lack a well-organized national population-based screening program for breast cancer, cervical cancer and bowel cancer where the target population of the whole country is specifically invited to participate. Most of these countries implement an opportunistic screening. Often times people of low social-economic backgrounds or who reside in rural areas, do not get screened due to accessibility issues and high costs of screening.

Challenge for Fundashon Prevenshon

Fundashon Prevenshon has an agreement with the Civil Registry ("Kranshi"), that provides an annual overview of the personal records database of women in our target groups. 

Our challenge is

  1. to ensure to actually reach our target groups

  2. to ensure the reached population either to attend to their appointment for screening, or to have them postpone their appointment in a timely matter.

  3. A valid third challenge is the fact there is no national policy on breast cancer, cervical cancer and bowel cancer screening. As a result, general practitioners can refer their patient to other clinics to have their mammography for example, followed by an ultrasound.
    Subsequently, Fundashon Prevenshon has no complete overview of the percentage of the target population that is actually being "screened". More importantly, there is no guarantee that the screening is being performed according to the screening protocol.

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Transportation services free of charge

Accessibility to the screening program is essential.

All women and legal residents of Curacao who are in the target group will receive an invitation to participate.

We offer transportation services free of cost to guarantee that all participants can reach the prevention center (or one of our other locations for cervical screening). 

Toll free number

Additionally, we have a toll-free number (0800-1811) to contact our office to make or change an appointment, or to inquire for any further questions.